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GRIG (Giordano Riello International Group) was established in 1963 when Giordano Riello brought firstly AERMEC, a company specialising in air-conditioning and then SIERRA a producer of heat exchangers, to life. The latter are a key element for the production of air conditioning appliances.

Aermec  Sierra

The success of Aermec and its expansion on the Italian and European markets was constant, so much so that in 1976 its production area doubled, passing to 20,420 m2, the number of employers increased to 280 and the turnover reached 100 billion lire.

The Groupís strategy, which tended towards globalisation of the market offering of air-conditioning plants, aimed at product quality, which cannot disregard the quality of connected components.

In 1978 RPM was established, producing customised electric motors and in 1987 was followed by ELETTROTEST, an advanced research laboratory and manufacturer of instruments and electronic controls.
GRIGís production cycle in the air conditioning and air control appliance field was completed in 1990 with FAST, specialising in the construction of air treatment stations. The establishment is situated in Montagnana, near Padua, and initially had a surface area of 4,500 m2 and 37 employees.
The Groupís companies developed through the years and GR MOTORI ELETTRICI was established in 1991 for the production of electric fans, while in 2003 GRIG opened its first delocalisation with the establishment of RPM HUNGARIA, with headquarters in Salgotarjan, at 100 kilometres from Budapest, producing components and electric motors with particular specifities.


This following is extremely significant data regarding the success reached by the Giordano Riello International Group in 40 years. Now, more than 1500 workers are employed throughout the various establishments, which in total occupy 100,000 m2. With an aggregate turnover exceeding 350,000,000 euro in 2016, it can also count on directly-controlled or participating sales distribution structures in Germany (Aermecnovatherm GmbH), United Kingdom (Aermec UK Ltd), Spain (Airlan S.A.), France (Aermec S.A.S.), Chile (Aermec South America Spa) and Poland (Aermec Polska Spzoo).